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things on the side of your body
'Wow thats a fine pair of arms'
by Kaine August 08, 2004

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Greeting, as opposed to 'hello'.
Hullo mate!
by Kaine February 08, 2003

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The greatest online game ever known to man. As soon as this game is played, you submit your life to the admins and are no longer requiring of sleep, air, food, water, and work/school.
Let's play some FE, I need FE.
by Kaine March 19, 2005

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Used when someone is talking shit. Stop talking shit etc.
Dante says: I r0xxed j00 at CS
Kaine says: No Smack Thx
by Kaine June 24, 2004

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Dick Munching crab - this is where the crabs haven't been fed so they go inbetween the legs of males to hunt theyre prey
the dick munching crab ate his penis
by Kaine April 18, 2005

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