The people watching from the other side of Famous You-Tuber Toby Turner's iPhone.
Audience?! Wha?! What are you doing on Urban Dictionary looking up The Audience? That's intelligent of you, looking yourself up like that.
by QuantXT May 20, 2011
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An army of fantastic guys, gals, and others that enjoy commencing in daily activities such as talking to Toby, watching Toby suck at video games, and get ignored by Toby when he talks to Justine. The Audience is generally found on a computer and/or smartphone. They stand weak alone, but their true force of epicosity is shown in numbers
Audience? What are you doing on Urban Dictionary, Audience? What's up Moe'sakra? Shoo!
by Audience #84,726 May 19, 2011
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A phrase you use when you walk into a room and everybody is staring in your grill.
I walked into the room and the audience began to gossip.
by Deja Vu October 13, 2005
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a group of people or dogs watching a show is a audience.
Girl 1 hey being the audience is fun you get to clap.

Girl 2 yeah being the audience is fun.
by Liyah51 April 20, 2018
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focusing our performance--what we do, say, think... or not, so as to be acceptable to one person, individual or deity
Early Christians like the Apostle Paul who would rather face death than compromise their core faith beliefs, lived their lives for an audience of one.
by Inoke Emptyshore March 8, 2014
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Mind-controlled, trained fawning seals who are in a constant state of rapture, hysteria and wet panties even before Oprah comes on stage. They're trained to laugh on cue like insane morons at everything she says or does no matter what, sometimes even before she says or does anything. Human canned laughter. Episodes of "Oprah's Favourite Things" are truly frightening to watch. The insanity levels are shocking. Get out of their way! Oprah, insane, stupidity, television, moron, Oprah audience
Oprah will say "Um...." and the audience is hysterical. She scratches her arm and they have an orgasm. Oprah, insane, stupidity, television, moron, Oprah audience
by velvet67 July 31, 2009
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When a person's typing abilities degrade when they must type in front of others, leading to misspelled words, improper capitalisation and most likely resulting in blushing.

Worse if that other person is an older relative or someone you respect.
Father asks, "Put Manchester United into Google there for me"

Son, "Sure"

Results in - "Manchetser UNited" being typed into Google.

This serves as a prime example of 'Audience typing' in action.
by RoninRogue July 15, 2010
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