A geographical region that is considered "out in the sticks" or "in the middle of nowhere".
She lives in the thules.
by The Phage December 20, 2018
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It is the ideal Germanic paganist society without degenerates
Hey we really need Thule in this country
by Fatnnnutt September 29, 2019
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Whale-like storage container to be placed on the roof of your car. A beautiful word.
"Hey look! That woman has a Thule."
by The Emperor Vespasian June 9, 2006
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some twisted fucked up nazi style religion that speaks of the wanky origins of the blonde bimbo aryan race..
hey thule dude your one fucked up nazi you could almost be mistaken for an american
by milligoon February 14, 2004
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An ambient music program from Australia.
I like to download the Ultima Thule programs.
by mikie the yorkie July 11, 2008
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A person who keeps his/her bike rack, ski rack, Thule carrier on his/her car (generally a Subaru) all year long.
John is such a Thule tool. He loves to let everyone know all the sports he participates in by keeping all of his different racks attached to his car.
by enols August 11, 2010
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1. A weird and wonderful land beyond the nethermost north wind that some nineteenth-century mystics once imagined to be inhabited by incredibly evolved blond blue-eyed people known as the Hyperboreans. Proof positive that some people had way too much to drink.

2. Somewhere you see when you are paralytic drunk.
Belief in Ultima Thule barely survived the arrival of nuclear submarines at the North Pole.

After ten pints of lager and a few shots of absinthe or whiskey, he's headed for Ultima Thule.
by Fearman January 25, 2008
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