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No real definition for this word is possible at this time. Check back in 4 years by then a consensus by have formed. Each person projects his personal beliefs and values onto this word, and a standard meaning isn't possible at this time.
Is Obama Ronald Reagan, or Jimmy Carter.
by mikie the yorkie April 20, 2008

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A web page that upsets a lot of experts because it isn't what they think it should be ,a listing of ghetto slang. 1 Urban means city so whites apparently don't live in cities, only blacks do. 2 Almost all of the words will never come into common usage , look in a real unabridged dictionary almost all of those words aren't commonly used. 3 A lot of the words are made up, duh all words are made up they don't fall from the sky. 4 If you don't use ghetto slang to explain ghetto slang it ain't real. Duh the purpose of a dictionary is to explain a word you don't know with words you do know. If i knew ghetto slang I wouldn't need the Urban Dictionary, A lot of definitions are long winded like this one. True but sometime a blurb is not enough. 6 The editing sucks. As far as I know the editors work for free, If you think you can do better become an editor Mr Expert. 7 Most definitions are full of spelling and English mistakes. True but like the song said I may not speak it right but I know what I'm talking about. 8 Most Definitions are written by bored teenage white boys. Could be but I'm not and I enjoy playing with words, and if my words end up dead ink no harm done. I enjoy being able to say what I think and if my definition causes you to give it a thumbs down at least you had to read it. If I ernied you so much the better.
The urban dictionary where the computer literate and the functional illiterate play in the mud much to the disgust ot the Literary.
by mikie the yorkie April 13, 2008

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Sellers who will burn in ebay hell for crimes against the community.
Sellers who don't send what they list. Sellers who lie about an items condition. Sellers who expect you to pay to correct their mistakes. Sellers who make you wonder if ebay gives a dam. Mr whipple is the main reason mikie the yorkie dropped ebay.
by mikie the yorkie March 09, 2008

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An ambient music program from Australia.
I like to download the Ultima Thule programs.
by mikie the yorkie July 10, 2008

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On Graigslist listings that are there and gone in a flash. Listings that are on so short a time you usually don't know they were even there. I suspect that some people use software that alerts them when certain types of listings appear and the rest of use never see the listing. Craigslist seems to be going the way of ebay, professionals are crowding out regular buyers, and sellers.
That listing was posted 2 minutes ago and now it's deleted, another flash listing. I can't park in front of my computer, and the good stuff is always gone by the time I see the listing. I don't spend much time on Craigslist anymore flash listings have taken the fun out of it.
by mikie the yorkie April 02, 2008

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some one who got burned one time too many on ebay and fled the comunity. can be a buyer or seller usually some what bitter over the way ebay and paypal treated them. truly believes ebay's talk about comunity is bullshit, and ebay dosen't care what happens as long as it gets paid.
a person who uses craigslist or other local sites to buy and sell,takes only cash, and inspects the merchandise before buying. i'm a ebay refugee it's more trouble to go to the flea market, but there i can handle what i'm buying. mikie the yorkie is a ebay refugee who hangs at craigslist.
by mikie the yorkie March 02, 2008

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A seller who sells something he doesn't have. Usually someone who plans to by locally with the buyers money and make a profit. Either the final bid is lower than the local cost, or the merchandise isn't available . Asking for a shipping date usually results in insults or threats but no shipping date.
Getting what I paid for from that ebay ball dropper was like pulling teeth.
by mikie the yorkie March 15, 2008

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