The Thug Shaker is a dance move typically performed by young Black men that are a presumably part of the hood. These young men are frequently naked while performing the Thug Shaker, and when they are not, are typically in their underwear or otherwise exposed so that their big fat ass can be seen by all. The Thug Shaker is a dance move that involves twerking or shaking ones ass in front of a camera.
Young White Male: Ay, bro! Can you do the Thug Shaker?
Young Black Male, stripping his clothes: You bet! *begins to shake his juicy ass*
Young White Male: Now that's what I call a Thug Shaker!!!
Young Black Male: Thanks!
by BooBooKeys December 6, 2021
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Dance move performed by gay black thug
you got an ass on you alright see thats what hes talking about.spread your ass open dude. you could do the rump shaker, huh? the thug shaker give me the thug shaker dude shake your ass. take your hands off it and shake that shit pull your shirt up i know you can shake it shake it. Yeah thats some thug ass right there. oh yeah thatll work. You got the booty dude! God damn! Look good bro? "Yeah" Yeah nice huh? Alright that'll work for him. Put that condom on
by thugshaker123 February 4, 2022
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Thug Shaker is a term used for a big black gay thug whom shakes his ass
“You see that big black thug shaking his ass?” “Yeah thats the neighborhoods Thug Shaker.”
by YxngJhit March 25, 2021
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A shock video consisting typically of chiseled, naked black men in an urban, <hood> or <ghetto> environment having any form of sex.
Bro1: bro check out this Thug Shaker
Bro2: dawg you're gay <asl>
by shitza April 11, 2022
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Gabriel Tobias Ott shaking his booty at gay black men
Gabriel Tobias Ott is a Thug Shaker
by isksksksks April 23, 2023
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When you know a Bruh man that can make a Gangster or thug shake dat ass under any circumstance.
Thug Shaker
“Aye bro you see that crip over there Ivan make him shake his ass
by Big homie Za April 30, 2019
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I’m tryna throw you 300 bucks. Ooh now he comes back. How’s that dick taste dude? Taste like money? Yeah you’re a thug dude. Gimme the thug shaker dude, shake your ass That’s some thug ass right there. That’s hood as fuck bro. You just better have my got damn money. Just have your god damn money. What if I was to tell you I was only kidding about the money part, I thought you’d like it. Yeah I’m only kidding bro, that’s the look eyes I was looking for. Huh thinking? Nah I got you tho. I don’t got your money heavy_dollar_sign with me tho, I gotta go-face_with_raised_eyebrow look there it is again. Huh? That’s a whatchu talkin about willis look. Hell-yeah!
by Sol omnia regit March 15, 2022
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