An individual “gamer” who plays games such as Overwatch or Rainbow Six Seige with the intent of causing his/her team to lose. Typically they sit around and do nothing productive and troll the team for their own entertainment. Or, they do it as a form of rage quitting.
Teammate: That guy, gamertag is a thrower! We’re gonna lose!
by urbanluckyo March 10, 2018
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The word 'Thrower' is a noun used to describe a petty atrocity that quickly and efficiently renders the perpetrator incredibly unpopular.
This definition originates from FCC (Faringdon Community College) and is coined from the controversial acts of Mr Thrower, the head of sixth form.
A good example of a 'Thrower' is to lock the whole of sixth form out of the common room for the morning, and then confiscate their football when they actually find something to do. This will make you very unpopular apace.
Ben: Argh, John pulled such a Thrower yesterday; he kicked our football over the fence and sold my best friend to a Liberian warlord.

David: Yeah loads of people know about that, he's gonna make himself pretty unpopular now.

Miles: Yeah what a cesspool.
by ActiasLuna February 24, 2009
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In track and field, an athlete who participates in throwing events, such as shotput and discus, among others.
Did you see the throwers warming up at the discus ring?
by Jose Tran September 8, 2006
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Thrower togetherer - Can put something together quickly and with no effort!
by Ian f November 17, 2005
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An individual who is skilled in the art of the yoyo.
Brandon is an amazing thrower.
by ThrowMaster January 31, 2011
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Airport Baggage Handlers.
Whys my bag all broken?

Must of been the Throwers!
by Beardy6991 April 8, 2008
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dammm! look at that guy, he has a big humungus thrower!!!
by qwertyj January 23, 2008
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