An issue regarding a person's past that can affect their current disposition: addictions, debt, diseases, bad habits, past relationships (significant other or family), or kids.
Fella 1: Dude, she's pretty cute. Would you date her?
Fella 2: Probably not. I heard she carries a lot of baggage.
by Acoustiklyfresh December 19, 2011
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The way your pants lay on your shoes, or the way your socks are folded.
by Baggage mcgee August 26, 2019
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The crap a new boyfriend/girlfriend can bring into a relationship such as an ex wife or husband, debts and kids.
''Jeez, How much baggage does Jim-Bob have?''
A leech of an ex-wife and 2 annoying kids by the looks of it!
by Peachymelba March 31, 2011
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A squaddie term referring to a person who is drunk to the point they cannot function, they have to be carried everywhere, (baggage party)
by Mrcocklegobbler April 17, 2019
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Baggage is when you punt a child across Walmart and catch them in a plastic bag, after you catch the child you proceed to beat the child filled bag against the floor.
You guys wanna go to Walmart and do some baggage.
by Mint Fuck August 25, 2019
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The shit people go into relationships with. ie, kids, addictions, diseases/
can be used to imply that someone has HIV
used in RENT
"I should tell you, ive got baggage"-mimi
"mimi's got her baggage too," roger
"so do you" (Mark)
by Isaac February 19, 2004
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1) what someone with kids, debt or other problems brings to a relationship.

2)the person that is always dead weight or a creech in a group of friends. The guy that always seems to find out when you are getting together even though no one invites him.
1) Jack is looking for baggage in a, drugs, debt, and separated but not quite divorced yet.

2) That creech Steve always shows up when no expects it. Who the hell invited him? I thought we said that no one was going to talk to that dick.
by Douglasazo December 6, 2005
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