Facial hair that only grows on the throat and nowhere else.
Did you see that guy's patchy throatie? sick!
by Gordong Kent January 30, 2006
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Throat + Pie - (falls in the same grouping of a creampie, but it’s in the throat). Now we ain’t talkin’ about real pie here people. Like the shit you eat. We talkin’ about sexual intercourse “pies.” This one happens to be in the throat. Got it? Okay good.
“Babe I could use a throatie tonight instead of the usual”

Her: “Do you like blowjobs
Him: “I do, but I always give my girls throatpies at the end”
by CBAX January 23, 2020
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To get or give a blowjob
"Jake just got throaty."

"That girl looks like she wants to give throaty."
by PLUMBERT November 03, 2008
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The Throaty is a Canadian slang term for a linoleum or vinyl cutting knife. It gets the term throaty for its exceptional throat slashing ability and wicked short sickle like appearance.

Quite a dangerous weapon and very deadly. Such knives due to their original purpose, accurately cutting linoleum, are very sturdy and keep an edge well. They are the preferred "intimidation" weapon in Eastern Canadian gang culture outside of firearms.
Gangsta: *holds knife up* Yo ima fuckin open up your mouth and look down yer throat if you dun gimmi the moneyz nigga!

Citizen: Jesus be careful with that Throaty! *gives wallet* Fuck sakes...
by TycusAgain October 23, 2010
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Also known as a lozenge. The candy medicine one sucks on to alleviate a sore throat.
My mom gives me a throatie when I'm sick.
by ugly March 06, 2005
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I was driving home from the club, when Snookie decided to unzip my pants and give me a road throatie. I was surprised how much of it she could take!
by Bubbler14 October 07, 2010
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