a term usually applied to the a person of the male gender. it refers to a male's word"third leg"
i.e., his penis
usually used in a derogatory sense
"I ain't gonna let no three-legged man get in the way of my fun!"
by Karyn October 7, 2003
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Claim a man makes when he wants to boast about his penis size. The inference being that the third leg is his penis.
Julie stated to Mark, "Why would I want anything to do with your two inches of hard chode dick?"
Mark replied, "Shiiiiiittt girl! I am a three legged man! They call me tripod."
by Nutzen YerMouf March 9, 2018
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When your about to have sex with a girl, and she untucks her penis from under her ass.
After a drunken night at the club, i brought brooke home and she gave me a three-legged suprise.
by The rascal March 2, 2006
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A term used to describe a person who can’t keep a secret.
I’m gonna roll over on you like a three-legged bitch!
by BaronTvirus May 27, 2019
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When a person in need of a lay has made several attempts at scoring with slumpbuster things being desperate and the onset of boom boom backup at hand, one digs deep into the ugly for a three legged hyena. This individual is, well, hideous and serves only one purpose, to release the pressure and help get back on track scoring.
Damn did you see _____ last night? That sure was a three legged hyena they went home with!
by BossSaxo July 27, 2017
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n. A transvestite or cross-dresser.
"That's no woman. That's more than a woman. THAT is a three-legged princess."
by Alecx Hunter July 15, 2005
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Originating from American adult and trucker cb slang which means an effeminate male homosexual, based on beaver, a slang word for the vagina, suggesting a woman, and third leg, meaning penis.
three legged
third leg
three-legged beaver
by bobtailtruck March 30, 2009
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