10 definitions by Alecx Hunter

v. A person far worse than a mere fucker.
"Have you seen Allan?"
"No, why?"
"Guy took a shit on my lawn, sold my car, and pissed on my mom. I'm gonna kill him."
"What a scumfucker!"
by Alecx Hunter July 19, 2005
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n. A transvestite or cross-dresser.
"That's no woman. That's more than a woman. THAT is a three-legged princess."
by Alecx Hunter July 15, 2005
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n. 1. Italians of families long known to reside in Milan, Italy. Characterized by their fair skin and brownish hair.
2. A resident of Milan, Italy. Characterized by their slumped shoulders, dead eyes, frantic pace, and stubborn insistence that Milan is a great place to live.
"I was waiting at Loreto for the Metro when a Milanese bastard damn near shoved me onto the tracks in his hurry to get by. Luckily, a pile of dogshit and broken syringes broke my fall. Why is this place considered a fashion capitol again?"
by Alecx Hunter July 20, 2005
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adj. A synonym for "cool" first used by Rose McGowan in "Doom Generation", a movie that was so bad that I actually thought it had changed my life forever. Used by people much cooler than you or me.
Abyssx105: My mom doesn't want me to shoot smack into my eye with dirty needles, but fuck her. I'm doing it anyway. Nobody understands me!

JTHMfan442: Razor.
by Alecx Hunter July 19, 2005
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adj. Used in place of "fucking" on TV's Firefly.
"Fox was really rutting stupid to cancel Firefly, wasn't it?"
by Alecx Hunter July 26, 2005
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n. A totally cheap-ass word to use in Scrabble and piss everyone off.
"Yeah, so I was winning by, like, 200 points, and THEN he puts down 'Qanat' on a triple word score tile, and I call bullshit, but it turns out it's a real word!"
by Alecx Hunter July 15, 2005
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