Brooke is a sexy, beautiful girl. She has high moral standards. She is vary capable of taking care of herself, she doesn't like feeling that she needs to rely on other people. She doesn't like to admit she needs others. Since she has been hurt in the past. She is the most beautiful, but she dose not know it. People see her as confident and brave but deep down she thinks she is ugly. She is vary out spoken and relys more on 1or2 friends instead of many. She speaks her mind and hates being told what to do. She is always a happy person that smiles all the Time even when things are rough and she is in pain. She is all ways positive and is a fast thinker. She is vary smart, can remember interesting facts. She loves her friends and is vary loyal to them she would never leave them. She would defend her friends and have their back through any thing. She gives many second chances but holds a lot of grudges agents people that have tried to heart her or her friends. She is vary talented athletics, artistically, musical, she is a vary well rounded person. Brooke is so unspeakably beautiful every thing about her is beautiful, her face her eyes , her body. It is so sad that she doesn't think so. She is the greatest friend anyone could ever have if you know a brooke then you should consider your self vary lucky, and if your her best friend then your the luckiest person alive you will forever have a grate friend.
by brooke is so bueatiful August 11, 2013
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a beautiful, loving. smart girl who deserves all the love in the world. brooke is very understanding and you can always trust her and confide in her. she is one of the best people you will ever meet.
person A: hey how long have you been going out with brooke?
person B: its been 3 months now.. im crazy in love bro.. im gonna marry her one day
by Brock Laguspo August 21, 2017
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a beautiful girl with an amazing personality. shes the perfect size and has eyes that you can easily get lost into. its easy to make her laugh even when shes in a terrible mood. she gets fascinated by the slightest things and is a strong girl when she needs to be. you can never stay mad at a brooke because you'll miss her the second shes out of your life.
brooke your amazing!
by amanda <3's brooke December 6, 2010
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brooke is incredibly kind and the most loyal of friends. even when you think shes not there, she will secretly be behind you and have your back if you ever need her. she has one of the biggest hearts but will never let anyone know. her heart is highly protected but once you get access to it, her beauty is radiant and youll see how amazing she really is. shes not one for large crowds but loves to make new friends and she will always go out of her way to help others and is never afraid to do what is right. brookes are typically natural beauties and sometimes need the occasional reminder even though she will most likely ignore your comment
boy: brooke you are so beautiful
brooke: shut up

friend: did you know brooke volunteers
other friend: no but i know that brooke tends to be modest about what she does
by peanut_eimenem December 7, 2018
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the coolest person in the world.
and she is quite pretty indeed

my best friend fer sher
you're awesome brooke
by LIckagoat August 18, 2008
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party party party for this girl. she is a cutie with a booty, sex on legs, everyone wants alittle of brooke. boys walk down the street & think dayum that girl is fine wouldnt mind abit of that sexy bitch. she also respects herself but she can get down and dirty, so look out.
she is a cutie & she has a booty she must be a brooke
by ifitmeansalot July 19, 2011
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