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A useless phrase uttered in times of sorrow or tragedies. Requires the bare minimum of effort because they are too lazy to get involved and actually do something physical to help with the situation at hand but want to come across as if they actually care.
1: "My uncle died today. :("
2: "Thoughts and prayers.
1: News: "There was a mass shooting at a school. Several dead and many more injured."
2: A-typical self described religious person: "OMG! How horrible! Thoughts and prayers!"
by Dikodomy June 14, 2016
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Lies uttered during a tragic event such as a school shooting. The 3 words that make you sound like you actually care.
Typical person "Thoughts and prayers to all that were shot in the Vegas shooting even though that won't bring the dead back"
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by A human male July 09, 2018
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The appropriate statement by which a reference to a mass shooting must be concluded as written in the holy guidebook Guns & Ammo and endorsed by the great and divine church of the NRA.

This statement may be substituted for action and its utterance is believed by scientists to create new quantum realities in which that action was taken.

Failure to utter thoughts and prayers after referencing a shooting may result in sensible gun control legislation and/or improvements to American mental health care systems.
"Did you hear? Some kids got shot at school today! Thoughts and prayers!"
"Oh my - that person is shooting up a concert! Thoughts and prayers!"
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by fire breathing sarcasm June 07, 2018
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Term used when a person is actually trying to say 'Fuck you, we ain't gonna do shit about it'
Wow, I can't believe this <insert tragedy here> keeps happening. Thoughts and prayers to those affected.
by Paulocalypse May 07, 2018
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An expression of indifference to tragedy intended to seem empathetic.

Hollow gestures trivializing loss.
"Yes, I know you want action to keep shooting sprees from happening to someone else. I'll send thoughts and prayers."
by Dex Novice May 05, 2018
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