The appropriate statement by which a reference to a mass shooting must be concluded as written in the holy guidebook Guns & Ammo and endorsed by the great and divine church of the NRA.

This statement may be substituted for action and its utterance is believed by scientists to create new quantum realities in which that action was taken.

Failure to utter thoughts and prayers after referencing a shooting may result in sensible gun control legislation and/or improvements to American mental health care systems.
"Did you hear? Some kids got shot at school today! Thoughts and prayers!"
"Oh my - that person is shooting up a concert! Thoughts and prayers!"
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by fire breathing sarcasm May 19, 2018
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Random tragedy happens

Random Guy: "Thoughts and Prayers for so-and-so."
Same Random Guy: "Eh, what was it about? Nah, who cares?"
by Weaponized Dank Ootism October 11, 2020
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"thoughts and prayers" is a popular, shortened form of the allegedly sentimental expression, "you are(w in our thoughts and prayers" and is generally used to express condolences, al, particularly after a tragedy. as comedian : Anthony Jesselnick pointed out, it is worth "less than fucking nothing".
man 1: what happened?
man 2: I guess some people were killed.

mab 1: oh shit. thoughts and prayers!
by badword666 October 25, 2020
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When you hear about a tragedy that is not affecting you at all but you still have to act like you care so you say "Thoughts and prayers" to pretend you actually give one shit.
Person 1: "Did you hear about the boat that sink the other day with four families?"
Person 2: "Yeah, thoughts and prayers"
by LeTigre2020 October 19, 2020
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what NRA-funded politicians say after a mass shooting, instead of working on gun control
mass shooter: brrbrbrbrbbrbrrrr

politician: my thoughts and prayers will stop him fs

mass shooter: *shoots politician*

politician: *fucking dies*

NRA: *buys another politician to say thoughts and prayers*
by goodvibes4ever October 10, 2020
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Okay, I'll send a Hallmark card I found in the bottom of my desk drawer.
Oh, my mother in law broke her leg? Well my thoughts and prayers are with her.
by October 09, 2020
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a word that's usually used when people don't give a sh*t, particularly the republican party when a school shooting happens AGAIN.
Media: "Oh no, 18 students just got shot and 4 killed at Oak Elementary! We have to have gun laws!"

RP: "No we don't. Thoughts and prayers to all those in the shooting."
by thelovelyincel October 14, 2020
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