Thorax ... Also known as thorax.xx,1OW_K3Y and official therapist is a young rapper , lyricist and poet from south africa.
He's known for speaking about his feelings and his life experiences . He's not like any other rappers in the industry and we hope he makes it far in life.
Everyone was amazed by his music and they called him the next thorax.
by that guy.yyy September 16, 2020
(noun) Originally, a part of an insect's body. New definition refers to pretty much any part of the human body. Usually used in conjunction with another word from the ultimate vocabulary.
"I shouldn't have sconed that burrito, my thorax is killing me."
"After working out for several weeks, my thorax is looking pretty djembeic."
by R-Dawg February 24, 2005
The bulge a woman gets after she gave birth to a child and becomes hideous over the years.
John: "Dude did you see Mrs. Kerans new baby she's offically a MILF!"
Kevin: " Thats gross dude she has a thorax now fuckin turn off!"
by Caine of the 3rd Galaxy March 18, 2009
When a pretty girl hits you in the back of the head and threatens to kick you in your "THORAX" because you obviously did something to piss her off even though you're really sorry. I am assuming thorax refers to one's sternum or to be more precise... the part of the human body between the neck and the diaphragm and/or the corresponding part in other vertebrates. Let me put it this way, your THORAX is a body part that will experience a great deal of pain if you piss this girl off.
(Talking to me) "I'll kick you in your THORAX". --That Pretty Girl
by Mike (Yours Truly) April 27, 2007
the hairy discharge left on the shower floor by inconsiderate, usually male flatmates at university.
He left a massive thorax in the shower again. I think it's alive.
by jb1883 August 16, 2011
another word for head,blowjob & everything else along those lines.
marshmellow face probly gave fine ass squishy butt THORAX!
by NERD HERD December 7, 2003
Term used to describe someone with a protruding sternum and a skeletal body type.

Not "Thor Axe"

See also:
ashtray; carcass; birdcage
Hey there, Thorax (while addressing someone)
by Brad February 27, 2004