The nation that consistently battles it out with Colombia in a little game called "Who's The World's Murder Capital?".
South Africa's murder rate per 100,000 citizens: 55.3 (1999)

Colombia's murder rate per 100,000 citizens: 56.0 (1998)

The United States's murder rate per 100,000 citizens: 5.6 (2002)
by Bunga Bunga September 29, 2004
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south africa - the best country ever! so so so nice and hot! gorgeous beaches, hot sun, sexy lads what more can you ask for! the best time to go is winter time in england - summer time in south africa. still nice and hot in april but starts gettting colder around end of may until about middle of september. temperatures don't go lower than 10degrees in pretoria nt much lower than that in durban. cape town is the coldest at that time. a really nice place to go is sun city in pilanesburg.
absolutely beautiful country, does have a few minor bad points. but overall wicked. nicest places to go are durban, sun city, cape town, pilanesburg safari, mpumalanga, noth western province. good word to use over there is - lekker -
by sarah March 17, 2005
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That one country that needs more maps
I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so, because some... people out there in our nation don't have maps. And I believe that our education in South Africa and the Iraq, like, such as...
by abruzz0 September 2, 2007
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South Africa is a bad boy yardie that usually attends state schools in Pennsylvania. He gets with a myriad of chicks and can throw down harder than any frat ever could. He enjoys playing geetar, singing to ex-girlfriends, and shouting at "monkaays." If you ever hear DMB, the Darkness, or "Freestyler" playing "Southie" cannot be too far away.
-Is Sig Pi throwing down tonight?
-Who cares? We can just hang out with South Africa and throw down even harder!
by Ahoff February 15, 2005
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South Africa enjoys the dubious distinction of having the world's highest crime rate, as the nation's government and security control has virtually collapsed since the introduction of majority rule in 1994.
Given a choice between working as a KBR contractor in Iraq and getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars versus going to South Africa in 2010 for the World Cup, you'd be better off going to Iraq. You're less likely to die, and at least you'll go home with more money than when you left. At least in Iraq, the security forces are marginally less likely to kill you than the insurgents, whereas in South Africa, you are three times more likely to be a victim of crime at the hands of the police than at the hands of a civillian.
by A South African who escaped December 3, 2006
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South Africa is the coolest country in Africa. It has some of the best surfing spots in the world. South Africa, contrary to popular to belief, is very modernized in certain areas. Big cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria(the capital), and coolest of all, Durban. Go to South Africa sometime! It's awesome!
I went to South Africa this summer and it was fucking awesome. The surfing there is incredible!!!
by dunst December 14, 2004
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A country that is in sy moer in with a lot of potholes, And the president is an ass.You will altyd look drunk of dodging the potholes
by Jagter October 18, 2022
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