Yeah, see... This right here ๐Ÿ‘‡

Guy 1 -------------------Guy 2
Not something I'm willing to work around, with, or in response to. I will have this or YOU will have some explaining to do.
Iam "We're like a ghostwriter..."

Hym "Ah! Shit! Where the hell did you come from!?"

Iam "Me? I've been around. Sleeping a lot lately. We work a lot now-a-days."

Hym "We have bigger problems."

Iam "Like what?"

Hym "Like this right here ๐Ÿ‘‡

Guy 1 ------------------------Guy 2
That. That is the problem.โ˜๏ธ That! Only thing that matters โ˜๏ธ "
by Hym Iam May 21, 2022
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a derogatory expression, usually put at the end of a sentence, but can also be used alone. One often uses this expression while grabbing his genitals. However, without this gesture, it can be used to inconspicuously insult another person, or to cover up when accidentally caught using it in the direct manner. You can be creative with it!
Nagging Wife: "I need you to make a run to Target and get a few things for me."
Husband: "Yea, right. I got your target RIGHT HERE!" (w/gesture)

"Sure you can have some of my beer, and if you need anything else, help will be RIGHT HERE." (w/out gesture)

Direct with Cover-Up-
Jerk: "Get a real job!"
Richard: "Psh, RIGHT HERE!" (w/gesture)
Richard: "I said I got a real job RIGHT HERE!" (w/out gesture)
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Right here is a phrase used along with the "ok" symbol you can create with your hand. Normally, people will use "right here"when something is just right, and overall good.

Keep in note that this phrase should only be used in good situations. Something that was amazing and over encumbered you with joy should not be defined using "right here"
That pizza was "right here"

Man that party last night was "right here"

That chicks ass is "right here"

-I just bought this shirt from the store?
-How does it feel?
-"Right here"
by Soulmancam July 1, 2013
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Are you going to wait any longer?
Coz this wildfire right here be burning
by Krkiฤ July 14, 2019
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When a person, usually high, smiles/giggles and points repeatedly at an object. Usually showing how much awesomeness that thing has.
After toking the pipe, my buddy handed me a bag of jerky. I showed my appreciation and joy by giving it the this shit right here!
by Hamalololol September 6, 2009
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A nigga that is in the same place as you and getting on your last nerve.
Boy: aye let me have some

Girl: if this nigga right here don't get out my damn face talking bout can he have some smh
by _Thugette_ October 30, 2015
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A term used to encourage men to just go for the first piece of ass available instead of waiting for a potential soulmate that may never come.
Guy: "I don't know...when will I ever meet Ms. Right?"
Friend: "Forget Ms. Right! Got for Ms. Right Here!"
by banan14kab April 26, 2011
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