Emotion experienced when you are In a thinking state.
by Thinky Man February 3, 2013
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the mental state caused by consuming psychoactive mushrooms; a state of euphoria and expansive thoughts.
bobby took some shrooms and was so thinky, he literally didn't stop talking about the universe for three hours.
by miss-shot November 1, 2011
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noun. The appearance of careful consideration, importance, substance, or profundity while lacking each.

Adjective: thinky.

cf. truthiness
1. The book was a masterpiece of thinkiness: there were a lot of big ideas, but it wasn't at all clear what the author was actually saying.

2. The ideas here are half-baked; cut down on the thinkiness and try to increase the substance.

etymology: 1100 hits in a Google search conducted on May 22, 2008, no immediate definition proposed.
by Art Carden May 22, 2008
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something or someone overly intellectual and boring
she's way too thinky to watch zoolander.
Philosophy sucks monkey poo. it's too thinky.
by SunshineND821 February 4, 2005
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The empty space in between your ears. When you don't know what the hell to say, do, or think about.
Me no thinky. I have no ideas in my Thinky Hole!
by Dr.Fukworthy October 21, 2010
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where you don't use porn to wank
Me: "i'm going for a Thinky Wank"
Friend:"who you going to think about?"
Me: "your mum"
by buttonsex January 24, 2012
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when you think really hard and you end up getting a thinki. a thinki means a very strong think
teacher- alright everybody. brainstorm ideas to be life givers
in your head- thinki! thinki!
by ethan_rj December 12, 2017
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