An ancient greek name (short for Themistocles). Generally Themis' are amazing party freaks, they are generally amazing in bed and can pleasure anyone for hours and hours and hours. They have black hair and green eyes. The word 'Themis' can also be used as an adjective describing a boyfriend who has all the traits described above.
Girl: Hey, whats your name
Guy: Themis
(All girls turn their heads in Themis' direction with mouths open)

Girl 1: Have you met my boyfriend?
Girl 2: No, whats he like?
Girl 1: Oh he's such a Themis!
Girl 2: Lucky girl! I wish mine was like that...
by IveGotALongDong March 21, 2010
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The opposite of selfie. Photos of someone other than yourself.

Plural- Themies
"Hey man, why don't you have any pictures of yourself online? It's all a bunch of group pictures of other people."

"Dude, I don't take selfies...I take 'Themies'."
by DreBenC July 08, 2014
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The point between a penis' natural and semi erect state.

The point at which a wank is workable after many alcoholic drinks have been consumed
He barely managed to knock one out with that themi
by DKFC July 09, 2018
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Artem from Tears of themis are hot

The mihoyo's new otome game Tears of themis are pretty good
by ChiGemok October 04, 2021
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A mere urban legend. Often associated with artist, Luna who uses this phrase as his instagram handle. he will refuse to define "themie thime" at any cost and might possibly eviscerate you, if your inquiry is deemed insincere. It is said that few men have found out the meaning but none have lived to tell the tale.
Person A: Hey luna, what's themie thime?

Luna:1 في البدء خلق الله السموات والارض. 2 كانت الارض خربة وخالية. وكان الظلام على وجه الغمر. وكان روح الله يحلق على وجه المياه.

3 فقال الله ليكن نور. وكان هناك ضوء. 4 ورأى الله النور انه حسن. وفصل الله بين النور والظلمة. 5 ودعا الله النور نهارا والظلمة دعاها ليلا. فكان مساء وكان صباح اليوم الاول.

6 فقال الله ليكن جلد في وسط المياه ويفصل بين المياه والمياه. 7 فعمل الله الجلد وفصل بين المياه التي تحت الجلد والمياه التي فوق الجلد. وكان الأمر كذلك. 8 ودعا الله الجلد سماء. فكان مساء وكان صباح يوما ثانيا.

9 فقال الله لتجمع المياه التي تحت السماء في مكان واحد ولتظهر اليابسة. وكان الأمر كذلك. 10 ودعا الله اليابسة ارضا ومجتمع المياه دعاه بحارا. ورأى الله ذلك أنه حسن. 11 ثم قال الله لتنبت الارض عشبا والعشب الذي يبزر بزرا وشجرة تثمر كجنسها بذورها بذاتها على الارض. وكان الأمر كذلك. 12 وأنتجت الأرض عشبا ، عشبا يبزر بزرا كجنسه ، والشجرة التي تصنع ثمرا ، وبذرها في ذاتها كجنسها. ورأى الله ذلك أنه حسن. 13 فكان

Person A: gets eviscerated
by yolor3stis September 01, 2021
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A bummer; someone who never shows up to something.

Other Definitions:
Name of Greek origin.
Meaning in Greek: Justice
Fred: I'm sorry man but I won't be able to make it to the party tonight.
Joseph: Come on dude, why do you always have to be such a Themi.
by Bobster293 December 06, 2021
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