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a burgir from america. He also occasionally makes punjabi music and poopie.
Person A: Hey what's Luna's new song called
Person B:عهد جديد

Person A: Wow i bet he's part spanish
Luna: im not spanish im just part spain -_-

Person B: allahu akbar
Luna: aihtaj allah
sharaf on my oma

aihtaj allah
sharaf on my oma

aihtaj allah
sharaf on my oma

aihtaj allah
sharaf on my oma

aihtaj allah
sharaf on my oma

aihtaj allah
sharaf on my oma
by yolor3stis September 1, 2021
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le patat kebab, originally an inside joke, told in greek content creators' yolor3stis, tetorisgaming and curses, youtube videos, was introduced to the world officially as a song on April 24th, 2020, on tetoris' youtube channel and has amassed a total of 239 views as of this definition being written. The meaning of le patat kebab is very mysterious. It can honestly mean many things, but it is mostly associated with the turkish playerbase of Valorant (video game). The inside joke started soon after Valorants Closed Beta release. The aforementioned content creators jumped on the trend immidietally and were creating joint videos on it. They were soon met however, with an annoying amount of turkish players who refused to communicate, and when they did they would only speak turkish, even when spoken to in english. This naturally annoyed the ever living shit out of the lads, leading tetoris to invent the phrase "le patat kebab" as a witty response to the turkish players' stupidity. Whenever a turkish player refused to speak english or at least communicate that he cannot do so through chat, the trio would start shouting le patat kebab, to satirize the turkish language, of course only in this context. The term later evolved into a general bs response. When someone said something stupid, you could simply respond with "le patat kebab". Note that le patat kebab is often accompanied by the turkish word for brother, that being "kardesim", intended to be used as the word bro, more or less.
Valorant / Turkish use case:
Person A: ojoksen kebab jabo alodobo asfnjasdhbg, tutane tenkanli adam oldurun D.
Person B: le patat kebab kardesim

General use case:
Person A: the earth is flat!
Person B: *starts singing le patat kebab*

Song use case:
Person A: le patat kebab is the best song ever created. It is extremely sonically pleasing on top of being a lyrical miracle.
Person B: I agree

Person A&B: "Start singing le patat kebab in unison like a choir"
by yolor3stis April 1, 2022
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best song ever and the turkish national anthem starting 2022
tetorisgaming:le patat kebab, le patat kebab
you: uncontrollably kneels to submit to the genius
by yolor3stis November 20, 2021
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Pronounced: Cal (like calories)-E (the letter E)- ah (like the first letter of the word "art")-K (the letter)-man
A professional rapper on the level of Eminem. He also creates logos (and from time to time, furry porn) on MS Paint.
Person A: how tall is Kalliakman? Person B: I can't tell you for sure, but I know his mother is attracted to other females
by yolor3stis October 18, 2020
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An anime where a young green boy, sets out to search for his father. He instead finds an angry boi, a 12 year old superhuman assasin, and none other than Mr. Crabs. He later risks his life on a tantrum after a cat tore his kite.
hunterxhunter is the best anime.
Yes but why did he get so angry about his kite?
by yolor3stis October 18, 2020
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A mere urban legend. Often associated with artist, Luna who uses this phrase as his instagram handle. he will refuse to define "themie thime" at any cost and might possibly eviscerate you, if your inquiry is deemed insincere. It is said that few men have found out the meaning but none have lived to tell the tale.
Person A: Hey luna, what's themie thime?

Luna:1 في البدء خلق الله السموات والارض. 2 كانت الارض خربة وخالية. وكان الظلام على وجه الغمر. وكان روح الله يحلق على وجه المياه.

3 فقال الله ليكن نور. وكان هناك ضوء. 4 ورأى الله النور انه حسن. وفصل الله بين النور والظلمة. 5 ودعا الله النور نهارا والظلمة دعاها ليلا. فكان مساء وكان صباح اليوم الاول.

6 فقال الله ليكن جلد في وسط المياه ويفصل بين المياه والمياه. 7 فعمل الله الجلد وفصل بين المياه التي تحت الجلد والمياه التي فوق الجلد. وكان الأمر كذلك. 8 ودعا الله الجلد سماء. فكان مساء وكان صباح يوما ثانيا.

9 فقال الله لتجمع المياه التي تحت السماء في مكان واحد ولتظهر اليابسة. وكان الأمر كذلك. 10 ودعا الله اليابسة ارضا ومجتمع المياه دعاه بحارا. ورأى الله ذلك أنه حسن. 11 ثم قال الله لتنبت الارض عشبا والعشب الذي يبزر بزرا وشجرة تثمر كجنسها بذورها بذاتها على الارض. وكان الأمر كذلك. 12 وأنتجت الأرض عشبا ، عشبا يبزر بزرا كجنسه ، والشجرة التي تصنع ثمرا ، وبذرها في ذاتها كجنسها. ورأى الله ذلك أنه حسن. 13 فكان

Person A: gets eviscerated
by yolor3stis September 1, 2021
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