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Like 'The Creeps', The Willies is a feeling that one gets when he/she gets especially nervous. The Willies is not caused by actual fear, but the thought that something scary could happen in the near future. Too, unsettling actions/individuals can bring about The Willies.
Rick: See that guy over there in the gray fedora? He's starting to give me The Willies.

Gene: Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Throughout the show, a few other friends came up to me to express how creepy he is.
by Diggity Monkeez March 22, 2005
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to move ones hand in an upward downward fashion.
to move the hand like a dolphin jumping in and out of water
In a car when you stick your hand out the window and moving your hand up or down makes your whole arm move like a wave, thats the willy, just not in a car.
Woah, that cool kid just did the willy!
Can you do the willy?
by Willy Walkenhorst June 19, 2006
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