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An excuse for lack of ability to get a rea l tan. Just as bad for you as the real thing and imfinite times more expensive.
"Man, Zira just got out of the Solarium."
"Can you believe that whore, that's major sifness!"
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
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You can use this word for anything, it can mean yes or no or just an answer because you cannot be bothered making up anytbing more elaborate. It can piss people off, it can amke them happy all in all it seems to be a pretty great word.
Q: Are you horny?
A: Maybe (Yes)
Q: Can I get that nice new 500 dollar bike for my birthday?
A: Maybe (No)
Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A: Maybe (Nonsense)
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
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America and most other non-british-colonized countries (let's not debate about that): 1,000,000,000
: 1 thousand Million

Australia, The Uk etc. : 1,000,000,000,000
: 1 Million Million
"In America it is easier to make a billion dollars then in Australia"
by KinGAleX March 22, 2005
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The people who reside in the country Canada, who are disliked by most Americans because they know which wars to fight, and don't kill each other as frequently. It is commonly known that they use the word eh alot. Whether or not this is true, or if people are just ignorant (I favour the latter) they are a happy, content people, who are associated with the French because that's who colonized them. Why aren't Americans like that with England? Oh wait, you declared "Independence".
American: Check out those pussy Canadians...
Canadian: Am I pussy because we don't go and fight wars over some oil, and hold a pre-emptive strike? Or because we are half french? Shut up eh?
by KinGAleX March 31, 2005
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A word used to call out to a female of Samoan, Fijian, Tongan etc. background. The male form is Solly.
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
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A phrase meaning, without pretense or long explanations. Used commonly when you can't be bothered making an in-depth explanation.
"Does he, in a nutshell, fuck?"

"This is me in a nutshell, "Help! I'm in a nutshell!""
by KinGAleX April 4, 2005
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A combination of the words "chill" and "real", which kind of in an inobstruse way cut each other out. Obviously the word must be cool.
"OMG, stairway to heaven solo!"
"Crill dude, thats the 37th time today"
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
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