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A sex act that involves banging to near completion in a standing version of "doggystyle." Just prior to climax, the guy pulls out and repositions his dick between the lips of his lady friend's pussy (much like how a brat lays in a bun). As he cums, it appears as though her pussy lips-- or "Camel Toe" --is spitting; Hence, the "Spitting Camel." The lady may or may not wish to make camel noises as the act is occurring.
Dude 1: "Did you hear that Steve pulled 'The Spitting Camel' on his girlfriend? ...He even talked her into making some crazy camel sound when he came."

Dude 2: "I'm surprised he hasn't knocked someone up with that move..."

Dude 1: "I don't think his boys can swim."
by mopper January 10, 2011
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