The term that is feared by anyone who is not on the track team and hates running. In Physical Education or P.E. it is now mandatory that all kids run "the mile" to complete the class. Usually the most dreaded day of the semester but it's great when it's over. Yay for fitness!
by LethalNerd March 17, 2005
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An "activity" used by gym teachers to make the phyiscally weak suffer from severe shortage of breath and often collapse.
Last time we did the mile in gym I almost died because I was so short of breath and they kept forcing me to run.
by Mike the Ekim September 14, 2005
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Of course 7-mile, Detroit. One mile south of 8 mile but way hyper. one of the best places to chill.
also see 6 mile, 9 mile, and 17000 block.
which part of the 6-9 mile are you repping?
7 mile on the weekdays, but I hustle on 17000 block during the weekends.
Oh, so you repping the mile.
by Pontiac February 7, 2006
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The Mile is the most feared P.E. course for all grades through all schools. The Mile i usually where the coach has all of the students line up and run a mile and the students usually are put in a death or death running situation because facing the gym teacher will get you killed but running the mile will kill you more slowly and painfully then a million beatings to the spleen! Good luck running the mile!
P.E teacher: alright everyone! we are going to run The Mile today!

that one kid: im feeling really sick now, and my head is about to explode, i think i need to go home right this second!

P.E teacher: nope jimmy, you have to run the mile like everyone else.
by girlwhohatesliving January 30, 2021
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a long dirt/rocky road that not many people travel....minimal housing...heavily wooded...used primarily for pot smoking.
"Duuuude, let's hit up the mile! Pack it up..."
by lisa June 1, 2004
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Miles is the most amazing boy and a awesome boyfriend he. Is really sweetand romantic he always knows the right thing to say he is really cute and cares about other peoples feelings. Overall try too be friends with a miles
by Savonahhh June 6, 2019
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Refering to Seven Mile Rd. in Detroit, MI. Mainly Between Telegraph Rd. to Woodward Ave. on the West Side of Detroit. Home of Skoolkrill, Lil' Drug Sto, Renny Ren, The Whites, Keenan "Tank" Wells, Boogie Bandero, and last but not least....The "Seven Mile Syndicate".
Man...yo' "shape-up" is tight...who cut you up?

Man, D-Nill up there at Picture Perfect on "The Mile"....
by T-Bay March 26, 2009
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