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A hat that is not adjustable in size
flyer than a cap
not supposed to be form fitting on your head like a yamica. it is supposed to be tilted and a couple sizes to big unless you are a white boy in Maine.
Fitteds are fly as Hell.
the Best fitted is the Detroit D.
by Pontiac February 9, 2006
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A)A form of music where any two words can rhyme, or if you can't think of one you can just make something up like "Missy" does.
B)Great form of music that will last, because even if the song sucks you will still listen because of the beat.
C)A genre of music in which the performer (or in every case performerS") promote themselves and try to say they're doing it for their block.
D)A field of music that allows more and more people to have success, disregerding how much you suck or if you have even reached puberty, or even if your name is Ja Rule!
E)Recycled beats and rhymes.
F)It used to be ill when Sugarhill Gang and Grand Master Flash ran the game.
A)(rapper):"I got signed so I can rhyme on the block, I call the shots cuz I'm hot. I eat oranges and sleep in in the morning instead of yawning. I haven't went...its your flipinitswentyet. Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet!"
B)(Person 1):Yo, what the fuck did he say?
(Person 2):Fuck it, just turn up the bass.
C)I'm the shit you are shit, you are poor I am rich,you can never get on my level scrub. This is for the streets to keep their heads up for hope.
D)Yo, introducing "1st Degree Pee Wee", he only a toddler but he make more sense than half the rappers out there.
E)Holiday Inn wasn't taken from "Rapper's Delight". Oh, wait it was.
F)I wish someone was original. R.I.P. Jam Master Jay.
by Pontiac February 7, 2006
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An expression used in a sentence to give a visual as to how you would act if you had a desired item, origins are rooted in Detroit.
Shit, if I had a El Camino or a Bronco, I'd be straight blowing bubbles.
thet shit's tight. That a fucking electric scooter or sumpting? I be in that shit blowing bubbles biach!
by Pontiac February 7, 2006
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i am actually spending hours on this website.
is it a good website?
yeah but it is mostly because of boredom
by Pontiac February 11, 2006
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a word used by Mainers and T.V. to describe pop. if you try to correct someone who says soda they will get pissed off and kill you!(especially in Detroit)Soda sounds like something from the 40's. I bet people who say it are soda-mn retarted. even though this definiyion is a little stupid the proper term to say soft drink is POP bitch or i'll pop you!
Detroiter:hook me up with some pop.
Detroiter2:what kind you want?
Detroiter: you know I like that red, but i'l take some grape.
Outsider: are you talking about red "POT"?
Detroiters: no, POP.
Outsider: oh you mean soda!
Detroiter: no, pop.
Outsider: I cac not breath, I should have never tried to correct someone from the D and now my life is ending because I wa too retarded to realize soda is a played out way of saying soda.
by Pontiac February 9, 2006
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Of course 7-mile, Detroit. One mile south of 8 mile but way hyper. one of the best places to chill.
also see 6 mile, 9 mile, and 17000 block.
which part of the 6-9 mile are you repping?
7 mile on the weekdays, but I hustle on 17000 block during the weekends.
Oh, so you repping the mile.
by Pontiac February 7, 2006
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