Class that the government forces on everybody so you don't get fat. It is basically a legal way for the school to abuse students by forcing them to do excercises, wear really crappy clothes and play sports and get hit in the head with the balls that the sports are played with. The gym teachers are usually overhyped bullies and just plain mean.

Adaptive PE is the class that they put the disabled kids in wheelchairs (Some can't see or hear) and force them to play sports. If you are in the adaptive PE class and are not disabled in any way other then ADD or mild autism, you will get talked down on by both the teacher and the student helpers. In adapted PE, the teacher really hates you and wishes she or he could smack your face in but forces themselfs to act all nice and calm.

Someone needs to ban PE for good for the health of students. There are more injuries in PE class then any other class in a school.





"Take that blind kid in the wheel chair and make him shoot some hoops"

Gym sucks.
by 1069 April 2, 2005
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a subject the government forces kids to do in order to 'keep fit.'
when in reality, it is just an excuse to hire stupid people who couldn't make it as a refuse collector, to teach.

This should be demoted to an extra curricular activity as it is an excuse for all the dumb people (who think fitness is everything and will get them a job) to enjoy themselves. If they want to do it, do it after school, or let me take a big axe into the lesson so it can become more fun.
wow, i be da loves of da P.E doesn't u, yo, init


ow man why you be hittin' me init


*sound of person going everywhere*
by Walnut March 3, 2004
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A class in which the more physically mature and naturally athletic students quickly become teachers pets and earn automatic A's. It also strips fat kids of any rights, such as being picked first or having the chance to get an A.
Physical Education sucked today because of how fat and slow I am.
by funnymandan April 20, 2011
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A class where you see perky people who can't do drills or exercises right or faster that keeps the other people in the back from getting their turn who waits and waits and finally gets to the front and hears, "Okay! Next exercise!".

A class where easygoing people reunites and spend time to do what they call "sports" and does learn nothing.

Shortly called PE, people usually takes Physical Education over the summer to empty one of their electives to take what they want.

In today's life, Physical Education is known as one of the useless class that actually requires people to take it in order to graduate. Isn't it amazing?
There is no example for this word called Physical Education.
by Psycho June 23, 2004
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It's mandatory in Illinois schools, unless you..

1. have some medical issue;
2. are taking something like Health or Driver's Ed;
3. are on a sports team (e.g. high school wrestling, etc.); and/or
4. observe a religion that won't let you participate for some reason (Christian Scientists b/c of the "body is just a shell", Muslim girls b/c of the PE outfits)
Illinois, even though it's the only state that mandates Physical Education, allows students to opt out via medical disability, Health or Driver's Ed elective, and/or religious reasons.

1. "Here's a note from the school nurse."
1-a. "I can't go swimming. I'm on my period, and I can't wear a tampon."
2. "Sorry, I'm taking Driver's Ed. Us Illinoisans can't drive so well unless we sit in a classroom."
3. "Why would I want to repeat wrestling practice?"
4-a. "The clerics say that this T-shirt and gym shorts are too revealing for a girl of the Muslim faith."
4-b. "The only exercise I know is ex-or-cise."
by Obscure Anomaly August 24, 2006
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A Class that Becomes Boring in High School, Once You Have to Take Notes, since your principal hates you and you have to do the notes and tests instead of actual physical activity
Physical Education is so Fucking Boring ,
by codyfear November 6, 2017
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