Said when someone is imitating someone (intentionally or not) or when someone is describing someone.
Person: *is imitating Harry potter*
Friend: pack it up, Harry Potter.

Person: so yeah there’s like this super rich dude who’s super rich
Friend: pack it up, Jeff bezos.
by Pathkinana September 27, 2020
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-in other words "get OUUUT of here"

-what you tell someone to do when they make a worthless comment, say something just completely stupid, or spit out retarded ideas

-usually said to those annoying people that follow you and your friends around

-said with intentions to make someone feel stupid on the spot
you and your crew are sitting at the lunch table, the "annoying" kid of the group walks up un-invited...

"yo! guys! what are we doing tonight!!"

..."no, just.... pack it up"
by wisconsinbitchhhh March 28, 2009
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d. means to pack up marijuana into a pipe or bong
Ryan said "They keep telling me to pack it up"
by Old City May 21, 2006
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to talk about someone until they leave pretty much you made them gather their things and leave by insults
by Thates2002 August 23, 2010
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to wrap up, conclude or finish an event
when the boys find a ganga to bukkake and one of the lads shouts "pack her up boys" it signals to the others to blow their load simultaneously
by earrapingxebra June 14, 2015
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Pat: Damn man did u see that fight?
Juan: Yeah man u did get yo a$$ packed up!
by Myfakepackedup November 09, 2011
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