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1)The act of being, or appearing totally awesome. Someone who is described as being a 'Renny' will always be super beautiful, super sweet, and super talented. This word is commonly used to describe a girl who is either highly musically talented or an amazing dancer. 'Renny's' can oftern be spotted in their natural habitat-anywhere awesome.

2)This word is derived from the english word 'Renny' that is the name of a girl whose best friend loves her and worships her coolness. Renny is quite famous for being beautiful and caring.
Person 1: OMG I wish Louis would fall in love with me!
Person 2: No chance, you'd have to be a Renny.

Hot guy 1: Wow...she's beautiful!
Even more hotter guy: That must be Renny, I've heard about her.
by Boo Bear Bambi July 03, 2012
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Renny means awesome. It's a boys name but some people mistakingly name their girl child too. Renny is the best friend that everyone wants because he is awesome. Nobody in this world can compete with his pure awesomeness because he is smart, talented, good looking, great with the ladies, totally hot guy that everyone wants to hangout with. He is that kind of guy that defines the word cool. He is meant to be the king of the world. Nothing can be compared to his greatness. He is the awesome cool majestic hot super talented sexy star everyone wants to be.
He can never be Renny. (awesome)
He is the Renny. (best)
by Nisha Alex January 04, 2018
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Someone who is smart and just amazing. Who is naturally good at everything they do. They are gorgeous and when you meet them you can tell they’re destined for greatness.
Wow you seem like such a renny
by CIAAATCRG January 05, 2018
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