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The term that is feared by anyone who is not on the track team and hates running. In Physical Education or P.E. it is now mandatory that all kids run "the mile" to complete the class. Usually the most dreaded day of the semester but it's great when it's over. Yay for fitness!
"Man, we have to run the mile today"
by LethalNerd March 17, 2005

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"Nerd" without the e, replaced by the superior letternumber 3. They are extreme nerds who are very unpopular but their IQ is a lot higher than everyone around them. They are pushed around but they will some day become rulers of the world and all will suffer under their cruel wrath.
Jock 1: "Look at that nerd"
Jock 2: "We should go kick him"
Jock 3: "That's no nerd! that's a n3rd!"
Jock 1: "Who cares? let's go kick him"
Jock 2 & 3: "Alright"
by LethalNerd November 11, 2004

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