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Phrase,. a. term used for when unusually old marijuana is found and consumed in cannibus cigarette or pipe smoking.

b. referring to the age of the marijuana as being of depression-era.
"Hey man, Todd got lucky the other day and stumbled on some pot that fell in between his couch cushions. He thinks it was at least 4 months old. We totally smoked 'The Dust Bowl'."
by DoctorRobert May 24, 2009
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When 30-50 people are smoking weed in a small area. Atleast 60% of the group has their own bowl. Everyone takes a hit, and they all exhale at the same time, making a cloud so condensed almost as if it is dust in the air.
Yo Brian why didn’t you tell me you were smoking tonight? I didn’t even smoke though. Why are you baked of your ass then? I went to The Dust Bowl, and I got caught standing in the middle of the circle, and the cloud was so condensed I had to leave it; the second hand smoke hit me like a truck.
by KushKosh June 09, 2018
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