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Now that you’re here, let’s go back to the Dust Bowl conspiracy theory. I’ve only created this definition to relay an encrypted message to those who are still actively researching this brain buster. First off the system is bonkers — the measures the government has taken to cover up this dust bowl is unreal. They had the ability to move around natural resources to organically CREATE a dust bowl.. I mean think about it. No WAY that much dust would have accumulated on its own without any help. Second off isn’t it ironic the dust bowl didn’t have any effect on Washington DC? Woodrow Wilson was just a criminal in pantaloons. Before he was president, he was arrested for insider possum trading. Anyone care? No. Anyone even discuss the lives that were tragically lost to the dust bowl? Nope. Do you even know anyone who ever questioned the validity of this “disaster”? Nope.. because they’ve all conveniently disappeared. We are teaching our children to mindlessly accept history books and move on. Sorry, not my kid. My kid will QUESTION every natural disaster, because it doesn’t add up. If you don’t see any other definitions from me, it’s because I’m stuck in a bakery.
Dust Bowl Investigator: “hey is this where we meet to discuss the logistics of the DB scandal? Testing cursed croissant 123”
****silence****** cursed crossaint
Rosie O’Donnell: “I was just looking up croissants and this came up”
by YungCassper28 April 7, 2019
When you want yo nigga or bitch to relax.
Isha: Ayo is we gettin tbell then headin back to yo place or should I just fucking go home?

Tyrone: Chill fam
by YungCassper28 November 26, 2014
One of the biggest conspiracy theories since 9/11, was the dust bowl a so-called "natural disaster" or was it all an inside job? Many believe the dust bowl was in fact set up by president at the time Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had all of the power and resources to create a dust bowl so the theory makes logical sense. The small portion of people who have caught on to this theory have been missing in action since their attempt to spread the theory. I am one of a few people including my colleuges who support this theory. If you ever see someone in an oversized pant suit, it is either I or one of my colleuges and we would be happy to put you on our board. Dusty for president 2k15.
Sally: I don't know Sarah, the dust bowl seemed a bit too convenient at the time.
Sarah: *trips over pants suit* yes it all makes sense. I need to get these pants tailored!
Sally: then consider yourself off the board. Oversized pant suits only.

Sarah: idc
by YungCassper28 April 9, 2015