32 definitions by Set Blue 23

The way everyone will look at something. Points of view.
The world looks different when you see it from my perspective. It DOES.
by Set Blue 23 October 5, 2017
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A yellow cube that watches people.
Bo Frei don't play.
by Set Blue 23 October 3, 2017
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It's a mystery finger, the meanest finger to show a person. No one knows what it even means...

Sike. We all know what it is!
See my mystery finger? Figure out what it means!
by Set Blue 23 November 21, 2018
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Using lines going diagonally backward to make art look nice.
I painted a box. It had a linear perspective.
by Set Blue 23 October 4, 2017
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Some kid you may not like. And this is to be used as a proper noun.
Bully tripped me, so I stole his wallet and ate all his gravy fries.
by Set Blue 23 January 31, 2019
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It was said by Francois Rabelais, and made more commonly known when mentioned by Miles Halter in John Green's "Looking for Alaska". It's a mystery about possibly the question of an existence of an afterlife, and The Great Perhaps sets the plot in motion.
"I go to seek a Great Perhaps." -F.R.
"That's why I'm going. So I don't have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps." -M.H.
Before you die... "It's The Great Perhaps!" -You
by Set Blue 23 May 11, 2018
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This is the time that some people may wake up by accident, often when they are in the middle of a dream. They may take just a moment to check the time, then fall asleep again.
I remember waking up at 3:00 in the morning, but just went back to bed.
by Set Blue 23 October 10, 2017
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