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One of the weirdest online games ever. You gotta steal and earn respect. Then, when you get tired, you may either get high using drugs or 'visit' hookers to recover your energy. You may invest in some things such as: drugs factories, hookers or just focus on stealing. The game is also really really funny. You're going to withdraw some money from the bank and suddenly a picture of a young boy dressed in a plane pilot outfit appears from nothing, says he's a cop and ask you which animal is on the pic. If you pick the right answer he may give you some drugs, some money, repair your weapon or just go away. The game is based only in commands. That means it's not like GTA and you won't see what you're doing. When a friend of mine told me about it, I said "that game sucks!". Then I tried it out and said "this game rules!". It'll probably get you really addicted for some time. Then you'll look at yourself and ask: "why the fuck am I wasting my time with that?".
Junkie: Man, have ya ever played The Crims? That game's the shit!

Cured guy: 'Course I have, I've been addicted to that shit for long three months.
by Tragicomic January 03, 2009
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