Where you make a woman's legs shake like a classic mustang after damn good sex
by Jokerbat April 8, 2020
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In military slang, an officer who previously served as an enlisted soldier.
Best officers I encountered during my time in the service, bar none, were "mustangers" (former enlisted who became officers) and warrant officers. Most of the others (ROTC, OCS or West Pointers) were frag-fodder.
by Sidamo August 23, 2005
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A World War II piston fighter aircraft. Made better by adding the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, kicked the luftwaffe's butt back to Germany and then some. It is one of the best aircraft ever flown and certainly one of the most graceful. Is armed with six .50 caliber browning M2 machine guns, and capable of phenominal range and speeds in excess of 430 mph. The D variant was the most numerable and is still seen at airshows and racing at Reno. Also known as P-51.

P-51A - First version, powered by allison v-1710, 4 machine guns

A-36 - Army Dive bomber version

P-51 B/C - Powered by Allision v-1650, which was the merlin built under liscense in the us, 4 machine guns

P-51D - Powered by Merlins and Packard liscence built engines, 6 machine guns and bubble canopy
by Wildthingbg December 9, 2003
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A car with a huge power and race potential that is ruined by 90% of it's drivers thinking their v6 model is a Ferrari. Also a small percentage of drivers who think they are immune to rice, and proceed to put "GT" and "COBRA" emblems on their v6 mustangs.
Mustang Ricer: Holy shit look at that ricer!!

Knowledgable Mustang Driver: Um, just because you put the cobra emblem on your car doesn't mean your car can touch a stock Evo...
by burntheblobs August 10, 2006
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N: A term for a military officer who attained his commission by means other than attending military acadedmy, esp. by attending officer candidate school after spending time as an enlisted person. Generally a positive term. The opposite of a ringknocker.

And, yes, it is also a car, and a plane, and everything else listed here. I'm surprised that with the amount of military people using the site, this one wasn't posted already.
You can trust Lieutenant Smith, he's a mustang.
by Trash Can Jack February 13, 2005
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Verb. To procrastinate, to be incredibly lazy, not working when you should do it. Especially, doing anything but working, and eventually finding any stupid excuse to explain the lack of finished work. It's an irregular verb: to mustang, mustangued, mustangued.
One similar word in definition is " to roy": to roy, royed, royed.
The colonel has mustangued all day long, he's so going to get shot.
by Musashi March 8, 2005
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a legendary car made by Ford
infamous for poor cornering, interior build quality, and wet road handling
famous for performance/dollar ratio, good looks, and exhaust sound
that is an unbiased defintion
that 302 got a mean exhaust note
by arthur September 1, 2004
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