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The Trio is 3 beautiful, smart, and talented girls. Kynnedy is the light skin slim-thick baddie, Kayln is the thick light skin cutie, and then you have kyrine the chocolate princess.
The Girls-OMG it's The Trio I wanna be their friends!!
The Boys- Dammnn they fine as hell!!
by @Kenney123 July 25, 2019
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An unusual assortment of friends that have randomly started hanging at least 6 days a week or more. Typically named Jessica, Kimberly and Thomas, this Trio may be spotted at Ihop or your nearby gas station. While all bumming cigarettes from the Jessica, the Trio is known for wacky sounds they may produce, not know what they're going to do until they have already started doing it, and by chasing a blue plastic ball around, the way...was the best dollar ever spent. This delightful assortment of human beings are all outcasts with the general public, and are way outside the normal boundries of popular, which is why they are the way they are. For more information on the Trio and their behavioral tactics, visit your nearest zoo. That should give you a pretty basic idea. The Jessica and the Kimberly may be communicated to through high pitched squeaks and food bribes. Green Tea for the Kimberly, and Kombucha for the Jessica are necessary for their survival. The Thomas enjoys politics and hamburgers. Do not mention how much you love mainstream, or how much you like confrontation....for those two things will freak them all out. The Trio is very sensitive, yet powerful. They always have each others back, and have immense love for each other. Dun mess with dem fuckers.
The Trio never has a dull moment.

I just saw The Trio! My life has been blessed!!

One was a girl who acted like a toddler, the other one was a girl with big boobs and a black dress and heels, and the boy had a hamburger! It HAD to be The Trio!!

The Trio just smoked out of a hooka while smoking a cigarette.

The Jessica just gave the Kimberly and the Tom haircuts. Oh, The Trio!
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