a beautiful specimen of human that will fill your heart with pop rocks of love.

an icon. a queen. a magical princess who spreads laughter and love. (:

extremely caring and loving. Absolutely loves dead things, and gets excited about occult objects and oddities. Only people who have the highest levels of self understanding and mutual care can understand someone as rare as a Minuet. Often misunderstood by lesser persons.

A blessing to all who know her, Minuet would bend time and space to make her friends feel loved. Minuet has lived a broader spectrum of experiences than most people will in seven lifetimes. She radiates compassion to all because she knows how much people need kindness. She is a beacon of healing in a broken world and if you know her your life magically enhanced.

The best sister anyone could ever ask for. She’s funny, makes you feel safe and heard, and is just fun to be around. She makes you laugh and cheers you up when your upset. She makes mistakes sometimes but makes up for it ten fold and is just so easy to love. By far 11/10 sister.


so very loved 💜💜
man that girl is the prettiest, funniest, and nicest girl in the room. she’s such a Minuet
by rissyrose November 22, 2022
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1. The act or process of being seperated from something or someone for an extended period of time
2. to be nolgistic; longing for
1) Ey yo did you know Dre's back in town, o word i haven't see dat bama in a minuet
by Cas$anova March 30, 2005
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1. A song and dance, typically a waltz. A composed piece of music, universally attributed to Christian Petzold.

2. Birth name given typically to a female
1. what song is that?

that’s Minuet in G by Bach

2. what’s her name?

her name is Minuet
by yesnomaybe_ November 14, 2018
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1. The act or process of being sperated from something or someone for an extended period of time
2. being nolgistic; longing for
1) Ey yo did you know Dre is back o word i haven't seen dat bama in a minuet.

2)Are you trynna roll wit us to dream tonight? O foshow i havn't been up dere in a minuet
by Cas$anova March 30, 2005
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This is a girl you will rarely meet and maybe never meet one in your whole life. if you are lucky enough to meet one, you'll shit bricks at her gorgeousness. you will try to stop every guy that comes her way. she has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. her lashes are typically very long. she has a unique quirkiness and will eventually make you question why she always makes you smile. she is very weird, but in a very fun and joking way. her best friends are typically Jelina's and Kendra's.
"wow. who is that stunning babe?"

"Dude that's minuet. I call dibs."

"hell no she's mine"

by chunkyloverboy January 7, 2014
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an expression used by tigger in winnie-the-pooh to say wait a minute in a more awesome way.
pooh: lets go eat honey
tigger: wait a minuet!
by Crazypotterlover March 19, 2013
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A lame game played by silly middle schoolers where one person is blindfolded in a closet and another locked in with them for seven minuets to do whatever they want.
Since usualy one is too prude to do anything to their mystery person- its a whole lot of sitting in the dark for seven minuets going, "when the fuck are they letting us out of the closet?"
Guy 1 "hey girl one, lets play 7 minuets in heaven, betty- you go first."
Betty "huh? what?"
girl one "go on betty, I think josh is up next... I hear he goes straght for second base :D"
Betty "no, I don't wanna..."
girl one talks her into going in the closet and locks the door.... usualy tossing in someone in other than josh- but she thinks its josh.... or she is locked in by herself wondering what smells so bad in the corner of the closet.
by iusebothhandsXD November 9, 2007
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