a large water bong/pipe with a hose, or multiple hoses used to smoke weed or (sometimes flavored) tobacco. of middle eastern descent

also called shisha i think, or that might be the flavored tobacco, but whatever its called its fun as hell and you can get a nice buzz from the hookas at a hooka bar if you hit it real hard and its legal
lets go down to the hooka bar and hit the hooka
by hookaman August 2, 2004
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A bong where a numerous number of stoners can hit all at once out of more many hoses.
Shawn- David, come take a hit out of this new hooka with me and Mike.
David- Mind if i bring Jordan along for the fourth hose you got?
by Shawn July 22, 2004
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i see half dressed slut walkin down road*yells*"HOOKA!"*tone of voice goes up on the "OO" come back down on the "KA"
by mira-mir September 22, 2008
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a pipe or bong used for smokin' bud
dude check out mah new hooka its hella pimp
by Kwang June 27, 2004
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- a BONG. armenian ppl know. whuddup.
* yo my grand pa has some negileh. *
by xo_hahahaha_ox March 28, 2005
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A person who does randomly hookafied acts and takes part in hookafication. A hooka usually has a pose that is unique to their style of hookafication. Deviant acts may be proceeded with the term "Hey guys, watch this". A hooka can usually be found lounging.
The hookas decided to go to TJ Max and create old man outfits for a photo session.
by hooka1 January 12, 2005
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