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a large water bong/pipe with a hose, or multiple hoses used to smoke weed or (sometimes flavored) tobacco. of middle eastern descent

also called shisha i think, or that might be the flavored tobacco, but whatever its called its fun as hell and you can get a nice buzz from the hookas at a hooka bar if you hit it real hard and its legal
lets go down to the hooka bar and hit the hooka
by hookaman August 01, 2004
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Some Dude: Let's go to a hooka bar.

Me: You fucking fuck face mother fucker, if your going to add to the Urban Dictionary then fucking spell correctly. God you're a stupid benis.
by TheMolester October 28, 2006
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A bong which has multiple ports so numerous people can smoke the same pack at the same time.
Yo my new hooka has 6 hoses
by Tree October 30, 2003
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One who uses their body for money
sometimes the girl gives off signals that shes very interested and u think ur gonna get lucky so u go all out and u get robbed...those damn HOOKA's!
by The REAL James Dunn November 12, 2011
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1. The way stoners spell hookah because they were to busy smoking pot to get their miserable existences through high school and learn how to spell a word or two.

2. How you spell hooker if you're lazy or have a strange accent.
"Ey where all my money?!??!!?? Oh ya I spents it all on weed and a hooka. Now I can't even buy a cheap nasty hooka."
by TwizzyTwiz January 15, 2008
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N. (Who-cah)

Large bong with many hoses, for large parties of stoners.

Load with what you would load a normal bong with.

Not legal in al 50 states.
Dude, have you ever tried two Hooka hoses at once?
by Mingebag January 26, 2006
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