Modern Definition: An American tradition where people gorge on turkey until they puke and visit their relatives to eat even more turkey. Usually the stores start to get flooded with Christmas shoppers at this time.

Real meaning: Originally celebrated by the Pilgrims (early north-American settlers) as a remembrance of the time when they took full advantage of the local Native American tribes' knowledge of the land, invited them all over to a feast, slaughtered them all the next day, settled on their land, and looked westward to the vast, unconquered land that lay ahead of them.
I had barbecued pork ribs and fries on Thanksgiving day. To Hell with turkey. (heh heh heh)
by sarcastic November 26, 2003
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A shitty "holiday" where you have to spend time with your family and act like you're enjoying yourself, when in reality you are just waiting on everyone to finish eating so you can get the hell out of there.
Johnny was in such a hurry to get out of his grandparents' house on Thanksgiving that he fell down a flight of stairs and nearly broke his neck!
by TST November 23, 2006
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The third thursday of november, a day where you spend 5 hours cooking, 10 minutes eating, and 5 hours cleaning up so you can leave early for black friday
Thanksgiving time!
by Give me tendiereeeeeeeeeeeeeee November 23, 2017
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Noun: An American holiday that was originally founded to celebrate the taking over of the Native Americans. It is now an excuse for people to eat way too much, get fat, and remind themselves of how embarassing their family is.
Girl1: Thanksgiving is a dumb holiday.
Girl2: Why? You get to eat as much as you want and watch everyone else get fat too!
by Kelley Lee G November 24, 2006
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An ironic holiday where millions of people who claim there is no God take time out of their lives to give thanks to some as-yet undefined scientific principle. Only in America do people celebrate a math problem with a holiday, wherein they call all their religious friends stupid while thanking an exploded fart for creating the universe. Still millions more lament the fact that everything they have in life came at the expense of another human being (the native Americans), despite the fact that every society in the history of mankind has been the same.

A holiday where a select few celebrate by being thankful for what they have, rather than reveling in a self-induced guilt trip over what others don't have.
"Thanksgiving, that wonderful holiday that should really be called I Fucking Earned This Day by most of the people who 'celebrate' it."
by JustAnotherGuy March 30, 2012
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A day of reflection on what you should be thankful for; gratitude. America commemorates this day for the feast the Pilgrims had with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621.
by tradesman December 11, 2003
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The day Americans celebrate the conquering of the native people of North America.
by Sitting Bull November 26, 2003
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