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A socio-political group that believes the best way to stamp out things like crime, unacceptable behavior, and other forms of social deviance is to legalize and/or accept everything. However, the hypocrisy of Liberals stems from their intolerance of anything that is not a liberal; i.e., they accept anything but a conservative mindset.


1. Drug dealers will no longer be criminals if we legalize drugs, so let's do that.

2. Gays will no longer be ostracized if we legalize gay marriage, so let's do that.

3. Christians are an awfully intolerant lot; let's outlaw Christianity in public places like schools and judicial institutions.

Another political core attribute of the Liberal is to exploit demographics to gain power. This is accomplished by convincing low-income, no income, and/or non-residents (read: illegal aliens) that the rich somehow owe them something, but that the benefit comes from the Liberals and not from the rich who are actually footing the bill. So when the voting booths open, all the people who don't work for a living vote for more people who don't work for a living so that those who do work for a living can work their asses off to support useless people.

This can be seen in the government's "Section 8 Housing" program, where foreigners move to the United States with their 5 children, no husband, and are immediately set up in a free apartment with free food stamps, free health coverage, and free Cox High-Speed Internet and Digital Cable. Don't believe me? I audit Section 8 Housing for a living. I see it first hand. You, the taxpayers, are getting fucked in the ass and not even being kissed first.

Yet another important note about Liberals is that they flaunt surpluses as if the money came out of Heaven like the Manna of the Old Testament. They fail to tell you that an $80 Billion surplus doesn't mean they're frugal, it means they overcharged the taxpayers $80B. Sorry you can't pay your rent, but hey, at least there was an $80 Billion surplus so the government must be doing something right.

The final thing I'll note about Liberals is that they will get all offended by this definition, thinking it implies Conservatives are smarter and/or always right, which is purely not the case. Both sides suck in their own particular way, welcome to human nature.
The Liberals are for Big Government, Big Taxes, Big Spending, and Big Talk. They disguise this by accusing the Conservatives of being Big Brother.
by JustAnotherGuy February 19, 2005

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An acronym that stands for "Sexual Harassment Investigation Team." Because as we all know, 99% of "sexual harassment" claims these days are, in fact, a crock of shit.
Suzy filed a sexual harassment claim against Bob because he said she looked hot in her new outfit. Sounds like a S.H.I.T. case if you ask me.
by JustAnotherGuy December 28, 2004

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A special version of the popular board game Monopoly, but with a few extra rules:

- One player gets designated the "Welfare Recipient." He sits on the GO square through the entire game, but every time someone else collects money from either rent or passing GO, he gets to collect 10% of it from that player for doing absolutely nothing.

- The Welfare Recipient can, on occasion, go to the Jail square at his leisure, but it is never his fault if he does so, and while there, all the other players must pay $20 every time they pass GO to keep him fed, clothed, warm, and with healthcare while he is in jail.

- On the return trip to the GO square from jail:

-- if the Welfare Recipient lands on any tax squares, the other players must pay it for him in equal shares;

-- if he lands on a rent square, the landlord collects rent from the bank instead of the Welfare Recipient

-- if he lands on Free Parking, he gets to collect any windfall to simulate taking his welfare check to the casino

-- if he lands on a railroad at the same time as another player, he may mug them for 1/5 of their total cash or, if that share would be less than $100, he can kill that player, ending the game for them.

The Welfare Recipient must also always use the CRACK PIPE as their piece of choice; if one doesn't exist, use a real one instead.
For some odd reason, the guy playing the Welfare Recipient is impossible to beat at Liberal Monopoly...
by JustAnotherGuy March 01, 2013

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Something so fucking predictable they could just record it and play the same tape over and over every day. It's always exactly the same, and ignores anything not within a 2-mile radius of the center of Providence.
"95 North is slow between Thurber's Avenue and the State Offices Exit, 195-westbound is backed up from Broadway to the I-95 split, 95 South is slow from Atwells Avenue to the 146-merge, 146 South you're on your brakes from Admiral Street to the 95 merge, and the 6-10 Connector is backed up to Dean Street...I'm Jim Stearns with your Wheelock Auto Rhode Island Traffic Report."
by JustAnotherGuy March 08, 2010

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1. Slang term used for any male douchebag who is rude, disrespectful, belligerent, violent, angst-filled or otherwise aggravating on account of the fact that he can't get laid.

2. Any young male whose only real use is pumping protein samples into socks or garbage pails.

3. A griefer in an MMO.
1. "Hey knuckle fucker, sit down and shut the hell up, and stop making a scene because you're a limp-dicked little douchebag that couldn't get his dick wet if he jumped in a fucking lake."

2. Tuef, Bum, Toneslice, Noobslice, etc.

3. "I'm trying to get my gear fixed but there's some knuckle fucker spawn camping the repair guy." Also see #2.
by JustAnotherGuy July 10, 2008

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Better known as Saturday to the rest of the world, on Rhode Island Sunday all the drunks and old people come out of the woodwork to make sure those with lives can't get anywhere without at least a 45-minute commute. The methodology is comprised of several art forms, including the Rhode Island Roadblock, the Rhode Island Rubberneck, and the Flashing-Lights Brake-dance.

The scariest part of Rhode Island Sunday is that when compounded with an actual Sunday, the Rhode Island Sunday drivers and the *real* Sunday drivers are all on the road together, thus creating the greatest clusterfuck this side of Los Angeles.
"We're going to see Tom Petty at the Comcast Center, but the concert's on a Rhode Island Sunday so we have to leave an extra hour early."
by JustAnotherGuy March 08, 2010

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Yet another type of grotesque hors d'oeuvres typically served during weddings and other functions at a banquet hall. Just what the hell makes these things up is anyone's guess, but in general, it's a fluffy pastry-like hors d'oeuvre that is stuffed with cheese that tastes like it fermented in someone's ass for a few weeks before being served. Typically only eaten by people who were denied a meal for three hours by an absurdly long wedding ceremony and then had to wait for a few hours for pictures to be taken, this is a stomach-ache in the making for all but the most iron-gutted people. Too messy to be used as an Assembly-safe Shuriken, these pieces of crap are best used as skipping stones if the banquet facility features a nearby body of water.
"Spinach Vomit-bombs and Ancient Ass-cheese Flowers...glad to see Bob and Sue sprang for only the highest-quality food for their reception."
by JustAnotherGuy March 15, 2010

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