A test is something that you take and try to pass.
I got a 70 on the history test. I passed.
by CynderFanclub April 14, 2020
To test or to try someone by irritating, aggravating, annoying or anything less than pleasurable.

Testing can also be a premeditated plot to see what you would do in a certain situation.
"This boy's been testing my patience all day."

"He asked me if I wanted a 3some but I think he was just testing me. He don't get down like that."
by Jfender24 March 24, 2008
The word all students fear.

A piece of paper that might screw up someones life if they don't write anything on it.

Something that makes most students wish to die on the weeks before they go into the room and take the test.

Something that makes most students have teamwork spirit.

A paper that teachers love to surprise, scare and threat their students with.
Younger brother: "brow-der, come plwaay with me"
Big brother: "leave me alone, I have a test tomorrow"
by Harley Quinn and The Joker August 6, 2016
When testing someone’s cool.
Person: Please stop Testin’ My patience.

BY: GiovanniDYMillYente
by MillYentei DYSlick September 18, 2020
Just pushing the stupidity meter of definitions that UD will publish. If by chance this gets published, and you're unfortunate enough to stumble upon this while looking for an actual definition, move on, my child.
Testing... to see if UD will publish this dumb shit. 'Tis just a test. Move along.
by cinimodde October 8, 2018
To try the patience of a certain individual who you know can't be tried son.
Alex, if you don't stop testing Jessica, she's going to burn your face with a bagel!
1. the main cause of explosions.
2. any thing dreaded that your "teachers" say is "good" for you. soon after, you explode for no reason.
3. what scientists do to make stuff explode.
4. when a sheet of paper explodes into flames.
1. test sodium and water.
2. SAT is a test.
3. Monkeys.
4. you brought your lighter to test.
by monn-unit July 23, 2006