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When ones aim sucks so bad that they're classified as a stormtrooper
Michal-"dies after missing all of his shots"

Me-"you're a stormtrooper.
by CanYouLikeNotPlease March 31, 2022
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This subject is not a joke

Depression is when someone is depressed

most causes of depression are

a loved one dying

having thoughts that upset them

get bullied at school or at his job

a recent break up

and etc.....

If you're someone who has a family member who's depressed then please help them before its to late....
by CanYouLikeNotPlease April 6, 2022
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What school prevents you from getting
Teacher-"Hey jimmy no sleeping in my class"

Jimmy-"im sorry that school forces me to get up at 5:30 in the morning. Im sorry that school is the reason im sleep deprived.

Teacher-"Well go to bed early"

Jimmy-"falls asleep again"

Teacher-"jimmy go to the principals office now!"

Jimmy-"dies on the inside"
by CanYouLikeNotPlease April 14, 2022
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My chromebook Won' t turn on

My chromebook has Ckauthenticator

Damn this shitty device
by CanYouLikeNotPlease March 29, 2022
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404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server.

That’s all we know.
by CanYouLikeNotPlease April 11, 2022
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A lesbian is a girl who is only into women.

Being lesbian is nomalized in 2021-2023

For some reason being lesbian is okay but being gay isnt.

when a man comes out as "gay" that man has a high chanced of being embarssed or just ignored.

Men are also forced to love women because if they come out as gay, people act as if its a crime.
Girl-"Im lesbian"

The girls friends-omg we support congratulations!

Boy-Im gay.

his friends and everybody around him-"Ew, get the fuck out of here you gay fuck, u cant pull any pussy so you decide to be gay"
by CanYouLikeNotPlease January 30, 2023
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