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UrbanDictionary's birthday
"o.g" and "player " were posted by the user bob and alpha mu, on December 19 1999, making them the first UrbanDictionary entries. (I'm counting that as UrbanDictionary's birthday)
by cinimodde November 28, 2017

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Just pushing the stupidity meter of definitions that UD will publish. If by chance this gets published, and you're unfortunate enough to stumble upon this while looking for an actual definition, move on, my child.
Testing... to see if UD will publish this dumb shit. 'Tis just a test. Move along.
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by cinimodde October 07, 2018

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A contemporary work was written by playwright Lorraine Hansberry about the life of a lower-class Chicago southside black family in the late fifties/early sixties.
Person: Hey, have you read A Raisin in the Sun?
Human: Yeah, dude you should read it.
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by cinimodde November 27, 2017

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a phrase to be uttered when doubt that an individual will follow through with an action is present.
1: Jump over that bridge, no rocks, you won't
2: Bet
*2 then runs toward the bridge, but chickens out*
by cinimodde October 19, 2018

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The day in Colorado when at literally any location in the state, you can just take a big whiff and smell weed.
4/20 blaze it phaggot
by cinimodde April 20, 2019

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Some quality narcotics
1: yo this chick threw her backpack at me and started cussing out the professor in 3rd

2: man she must have been on some psycho shit
by cinimodde September 23, 2018

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The motto of UrbanDictionary editors.
Those goddamn UD editors and their false censorship!!!
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by cinimodde November 27, 2017

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