A sensation felt when really drunk. When you drink enough to become fucked up, you feel a "sweeping warmness" throughout your body, and after that, you are officially annihilated, and this is when your judgement and memory start to really go downhill. You're likely to pass out after this.

It's mostly felt in the face.
Bro, I just felt The Sweep. I don't think I'll be able to party much longer.
by thisplacesucksass November 28, 2019
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The art of sweeping one under the rug after an error or bout of self-ownage.
Boy 1 - "Haha, what an idiot. You spelt that word wrong, you are so dumm"

Boy 2 - "..'DUMM'? Sweep sweep"
by MaxCarsLad February 14, 2005
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Sweepings: The scraps, leavings, hand-me-downs, things tossed aside as the quality stuff is grabbed up at sales. Junk.
Allie and her friend Brenda waited all night to get into the store with the Grand Opening mega-sale. As they were scrunched through the door the mob rushed right through them and by the time they could get the clothes they dreamed of - all that was left were torn & dirty things that were either way too small or large enough to use as a tent. Scraps and pieces of clothing littered the floors, trampled and raggedly filthy junk.

Well Bren, looks like were stuck with the sweepings.
by Century25 September 30, 2013
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In sports (basketball and baseball, mainly) when one team wins every game in a series.
by Adrian September 30, 2006
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A time of the year the world of television programs where the virgins become sluts, the straits become gay, the mild-mannered become basket-cases, likeable characters turn out to be evil and/or die, couples cheat on eachother, the selfless turn selfish, someone gets pregnant, and just about any other thing that the creators can think of to boost their show's ratings enough to avoid getting cancelled by the network executives.

Often as soon as sweeps week is over, all these elements are suddenly written out or forgotten.
FOX is the best network to catch sweeps week stunts due to their tendancy to cancel on a whim.
by Pyro Infernos June 13, 2006
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The act of sweeping multiple girls off their feet. Often times, the sweeper will be labeled as one who is very desired by the opposite sex, and sometimes even the same sex. It is common for a male sweeper to be have a hot bod, be good at guitar, be in a band, or be cute.
"Wow! That Kirbi Marquez sure is good at sweeping!"

"Kirbi is such a sweeper."
by MiniDJBeirne January 3, 2009
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A Style of picking, used on the guitar. You sweep your pick across the string, most of the time producing a triplet sound.
Usually used to sweep arpeggios.
"Wow Yngwie sweeps like a mutha fucker."
"You really suck at sweeps"
by 19a9a91919ngf8181181 January 18, 2006
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