A game for the Xbox where you play as Torque...a man accused of murdering his family. What turns out to be sitting in a regular prison....awaiting his time to be executed...all hell breaks loose...literally...you must escape the demon infested prison, and the ending of the game depends on your character's actions.
My bro: "The Suffering is such a scary ass game"
Me: "...cool! I wanna play it!"
by Dirge February 14, 2005
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A response to someone who expresses misfortune or unhappiness, rather than the innacurate and superficial resonse of "I'm sorry"
Most effective when said in a raspy, demonic voice. Often accompanied by laughing at the other person's unhappiness.
Some girl: I just dropped my sandwhich in the dirt :("
You: "SUFFER!"
by Astrid the Innocent Secretary November 26, 2010
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The process of enduring great stress or hardship.
dude1: how are you doing bra?
dude2: poverty and sufferation homie.
by mboots April 7, 2006
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first ring is the engagement-ring,
second ring is the wedding-ring ,
and the third we married men know is the suffering
by clampman&viceboy September 24, 2006
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ch00b: People in Africa are sufferring.
ch00b: Oh my
ch00b has left the conversation in shame.
by waffle November 12, 2003
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