Going to a small college town in Appalachia that provides the worst in services. It is not limited to bad and expensive restaurants, watered down and overpriced alcoholic beverages, mean mountain people, hippies clueless about life, highway signs with ugly eyesoaring fonts made by the town, terrible town & university roads with potholes, un-marked speed humps and a very non-progressive town government.
Suffering Boone, North Carolina eating Ramun Noodles and Corn Syrup SYSCO products provided by ASU
by BooneBelongsInTN March 27, 2009
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A response to someone who expresses misfortune or unhappiness, rather than the innacurate and superficial resonse of "I'm sorry"
Most effective when said in a raspy, demonic voice. Often accompanied by laughing at the other person's unhappiness.
Some girl: I just dropped my sandwhich in the dirt :("
You: "SUFFER!"
by Astrid the Innocent Secretary November 26, 2010
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first ring is the engagement-ring,
second ring is the wedding-ring ,
and the third we married men know is the suffering
by clampman&viceboy September 24, 2006
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The process of enduring great stress or hardship.
dude1: how are you doing bra?
dude2: poverty and sufferation homie.
by mboots April 7, 2006
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A game for the Xbox where you play as Torque...a man accused of murdering his family. What turns out to be sitting in a regular prison....awaiting his time to be executed...all hell breaks loose...literally...you must escape the demon infested prison, and the ending of the game depends on your character's actions.
My bro: "The Suffering is such a scary ass game"
Me: "...cool! I wanna play it!"
by Dirge February 14, 2005
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