A term used to describe something awesome or cool, or to say that something (any noun or proper noun) is lit or great.
Have you ever gone to Goodwill?
Yeah bro, that place is the stretch!!
by SporeBby July 27, 2019
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A somewhat difficult sexual position that is pleasing for both partners. The girl (or guy, in a gay couple) lays on her back and folds her body in such a way that her feet are placed behind her head. For additional fun, she could also have her hands bound behind her back. Then, the guy penetrates either or both of her holes from the front.
My girlfriend is so flexible that she can do The Stretch when we fuck, it's amazing!
by MaxxysSammich March 03, 2011
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Rick: Hey man how was becca last night.

James: I could not feel anything because she was Stretched.
by secret =) September 12, 2006
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(Verb) To get beaten badly at something, typically in a match or competition, alluding to the metaphor of getting penetrated.
Synonyms: Ass Kicked, Destroyed, Fucked Up, Wrecked.
Damn, they got a 38 point lead, and we're not even in the second half. We're getting stretched bro!
by ONTHEEDGE67 March 29, 2021
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a tall, skinny person. not necessarily weak. used to greet someone.
whats up stretch?
by O&APartyRock December 21, 2010
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