a place for old clothing. sometimes very awesome. place to buy suits for 3 dollars a piece.
yo check out this mink shawl i got at goodwill!
I got a taco bell dog tshirt!
by Luke Elzinga May 10, 2005
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The act of Goodwill is stepping up and beyond the call of duty, by letting the hooker keep both the change and your sperm on a cold winter's day.
Man: You know what. You an ugly bitch and you look cold. Tell you what, you can keep the change and the baby gravy.
Hooker: Thanks mang, Goodwill is always appreciated!
by Kum-Twat October 3, 2013
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A community-based store specilaizing in discount merchandise intended for those 'less fortuntante' -- but recently becoming very popular with the emo-blogger crowd looking to score cheap deals on ugly vintage clothes and vinyl records.
My friend Holley bought a dress for prom for $3.99 at Goodwill.
by Typogra May 1, 2004
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Verb. To donate any of your belongings to the Goodwill store for the 'less fortunate'.
"Oh hey, I don't want this. Let's goodwill it."
by veewtflol June 20, 2009
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A place that is supposed to help the less fortunate, but instead charges way too much on items that were donated to them. The store should change its name to Not So Goodwill, because the prices are ridiculous.
Person 1: Oh my goodness, why is Goodwill selling couches for $100?
Person 2: Wow, they used to sell them for $15
Person 1: And these used shirts are $8. That is robbery
Person 2: Man, Goodwill doesn't help the needy at all. They are just trying to make a profit. They turned a homeless woman away that was begging for a coat the other day.
Person 1 : That is terrible. Goodwill should be called Not so Goodwill
by OreoPrincess55 May 18, 2011
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Mission & Vision- Goodwill Industries is A non-profit corporation dedicated to changing lives by providing opportunities for people to build independence.

Goodwill Industries assists people with disabilities or those who are otherwise vocationally disadvantaged to achieve full participation and integration into society through the power of work.
More than just a store, Goodwill is changing lives!
by Nicegal January 19, 2011
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(n.) The difference between the value of a business as a whole and the sum of its' net assets. Usually a measurement of reputation, position, contacts etc etc. When a new partner is accepted into the business, they must buy thier share of the goodwill

Can be positive or negative.
Goodwill in the business as at 31 dec 2003 was valued at £80,000.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 6, 2004
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