Abbreviation for baby. Is it really so hard to type one extra letter?
"Soooo i wuz talkin 2 mi bby last nite..."

"I was talking with my baby last night."
by xxyuli April 25, 2007
1. Abbreviation for baby. Also quite frequently might be a typo of "baby", since many people are not so lazy that they cannot type an extra letter.

2. Star Wars term used for calendar dates. Stands for "Before Battle of Yavin". Quite similar to BC in normal calendar date, which stands for "Before Christ".
1. "hey bby want to come over and have make out"

2. "Darth Vader was born 41 BBY."
by gimme the money April 29, 2016
i love my bbyboy
by DEL1R1OUZ November 1, 2003
Abbreviated baby, used to denote people you care about deeply. Pronounced "bibby."
Hey Joanne, where are the bbys? We're about to be late for our reservation.
Danielle said that they're on their way.
by definitionater May 25, 2015
someone that gets you like no one else. someone who makes you happy like no other. someone who is beautiful and makes you feel loved like no one else ever has.
by Judy hale November 22, 2021
Bby is NOT because people are too lazy to type baby... it's how the lebos and wogs pronounce "baby" bebey it's sounds like bby
Hey cuz, my bby is cooking gonna give me a blow job
by aplayboy2nv November 30, 2018
lazy way to write the name of Best Buy. Also, Best Buy's NYSE symbol.
I'm going to BBY to get some DVDs.
by WhiplashChick March 15, 2006