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1. Another term for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is well known for giving sperm to people who were not his wife, and for starring in Terminator Films.
The Sperminator has one confirmed love child, and possibly a few more out there too.
by jesster79 May 25, 2011
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ah-nold schwartzenegger!

male ENSLAVED by testicular hydraulics!!
OVERWHELMING, ruling; male drive to 'shot-put'!!
following the 'orders' of a 'load' of hot, burning SPUNK!!
cyborg 'programmed' to discharge reproductive elements in a 'manufacturing' facility

(yes, but i was just following ORDERS!!)
load of slop made a fool of ah-nold, hes' the sperminator!

the I.M.F. top banana had hitler in his scrotum,

poor fellow needs a place to make a mess!! hes' a sperminator

that young teen is young, dumb and full of come! -yah!, hes' the sperminator!
by michael foolsley May 18, 2011
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