When you are fucking a girl doggystyle, you sweep her hands out from under her so her face hits the ground.
I gave your mom The Snowmobile last night, thats why she has a black eye.
by Shawn Alexander July 17, 2006
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When your girl is on all fours and your doing her doggystyle, knock her arms out from under her and ride her off the side of the bed.
"hey Heather, wanna go snowmobiling later on? it'll be losts of fun"
by Pete September 3, 2003
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grabbing her by the wrists while she is on her stomach and you are hittin it from the back
I was giving her a snowmobile when all of a sudden my only thought was "heaven"
by keegan May 16, 2003
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Usually refers to a situation where a male is "doing" a female from behind at the top of a flight of stairs. Just before ejaculating, he pushes his partner's arms out from under her, and rides her down the stairs.

A good way to get out of a bad relationship.
Man, I was doing Julie at the top of the stairs last night, and I suddenly decided to snowmobile her. It was pretty sweet.

Dude, I think the cops are at the door.

Shit. I think I might've killed her.
by Lefty Lanford August 16, 2006
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1. When you are pounding a hot hoe in the rear, and then you ride her down the stairs.
Bitch you just got... SNOWMOBILED! (slap)
by Standford August 15, 2006
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knocking her arms out from underneath her while doing it doggy-style
i gave her the snowmobile last night when i was drunk.
by ryan January 16, 2003
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An 80's nickname given to John DeLoran's DMC-12 sports car, as John DeLorean was a noted Coke Addict.
Dude, I saw a snowmobile in the parking lot at work today!
by Phschallenger August 22, 2007
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