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A sexual act in which a guy sits on a girls lap in a chair and proceeds to pound off until he cums on her face. The result is a beard made of semen that resembles that of Santa. To finish the act the guy must proceed to tell "Santa" what he wants for Christmas.

Who says Santa Clause only Cums once a year?
Person 1:"My boyfriend surprised me with The Santa Clause last night"

Person 2: "Yea I can see that you still have cum on your upper lip"

Person 1: "At least I know what he wants for Christmas now!"
by Twerk Grinder McFresh August 04, 2010
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The clauses which detail Kris Kringle under the North Pole Act of 1436.
Clause 1, Subsection A states that: Saint Nicholas must manufacture a wide variety of games, tools, and miscellaneous objects for children under the age of 12 in all countries of the world.
Clause 1, Subsection B states that: Saint Nicholas must do so for eternity, without pay, and must aquire the following traits: Obesity, A long white beard, a red suit, a fondness for burnt cookies and warm milk.
Evil Little Boy: "Where are my presents?"
Mom: "You were naughty this year, so Santa didn't bring you any."
Evil Little Boy: "Na-uh! According to Clause 1, Subsection A and B, of the Santa Clauses, Santa is required to bring me my demanded presents!"
by Assasinof6 March 11, 2010
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